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Lee Lindler's story...

Several weeks after being involved in a bad car accident, my neck lost much of its range of motion. I was also having a great deal of neck and back pain.

I visited Dr. Cooker on recommendation of a friend. I felt great relief after my first visit, and after a short time regained full motion of my neck. The pain I was suffering from also has gone. Thanks Doc!

We value our patients at Keystone Chiropractic. Please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

Please share your experience with others with a review: just go to  "Google, Yahoo and Bing" and follow the easy directions. We value all the kind, positive words from our patients and community.

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Doctor Alex Cooker
Your Charleston Chiropractor

Read what our patients and community are saying about their experience with us...

Bret Singleton:

The Best Chiropractor I've ever visited!! After locking up my back with some exercises and enduring a day of spasms, I called Dr. Cooker. He was able to see me immediately and the best part was he was able to relieve the pain immediately. No high pressure tactics, no slick sales strategies, just great service at the best prices I've seen anywhere. If you need relief, Dr. Cooker is the best Chiropractor in town! - Brett Singleton

Angel Oak Elementary: Linda Higgins, RN

"Thank you so much for going out of your way to provide your services on March 29th at Angel Oak elementary. I am so sorry that I was in Columbia that day but I heard alot of positive remarks from staff; I also appreciated Lucy's follow-up phone call. We appreciate your efforts to follow through on Kason's commitment! It was not only a treat for staff but added points to our wellness grant application. Thanks again."

Julie Green:

As a full time massage therapist, my body is physically taxed on a daily basis. For years I have had neck, shoulder, arm, wrist, and back pain. I have tried stretching exercises, support pillows, supplements for joint and connective tissue health, massage, and acupuncture, and chiropractic care. Some of these approaches have eased my discomfort but by no means eradicated it. My chronic pain has interrupted my sleep; even my mood and energy levels have been affected. Over the course of the past nine years, I have been treated by six different chiropractors. Chiropractic care is my approach of choice for my circumstances because I feel that its physically restructuring nature will bring the most tangible, long term results of relief.

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Meredith Lange:

I originally went to Dr. Cooker for upper back and shoulder pain from sitting at a desk all day. We talked about different aches and pain over the years and he told me about a treatment for my TMJ. I had to try it! I had extensive surgery years ago. I lost hope of ever feeling “normal” again.

His treatment works wonders, not only does my jaw feel much better but he helped my back too!

I’m glad to have found him. I plan on being a patient of his for quite some time.

Stan Flowers:

When I first went to Dr.Cooker at Keystone Chiropractic I was having back spasms that felt like someone was stabbing a knife in my lower back. I had the pain for about 3 days before I decided to do something about it. It was also very uncomfortable to twist to the left or right at the waist. 

When I called to ask information and/or make an appointment Dr. Cooker was very friendly and immediately sent me the paperwork needed to get started with my treatment. This was very helpful for me so I didn’t have to sit in the waiting room to fill out the paperwork.

After my back incident I was unable to continue my regular workouts, motorcycle riding, etc, but just after a few visits to Dr. Cooker I was able to return to my normal life routines.

This was the first time I has visited a chiropractor but highly recommend anyone go see Dr. Cooker that is having any kind of back pain. The experience was a very pleasant one.

Kirsten Goodwin:

My asthma, allergies, and continual sinus problems have dramatically improved. Dr. Cooker’s chiropractic care has enhanced my energy levels tremendously. It is the best solution to total body maintenance and care!

Brian Lille:

I’ve been to other chiropractors and Dr. Cooker is by far the best. Out of the many impressive things about Dr. Cooker, what stands out the most is the obvious care for the well being of his patients.

Natalie Kluttz:

Dr. Cooker has improved the quality of my daily life. I often dealt with a stiff neck and chronic headaches. I have been to a neurologist previously only to find nothing wrong. I had made a decision that it would be a condition that I would have to live with until I made an appointment and visited with Dr. Cooker. With consistent adjustments and massage therapy, I no longer have headaches or neck pain. My mobility has increased. I am a much happier person because there is no longer any nagging ache or tension in my neck. I would recommend his services to anyone who is looking for relief. In addition, his staff is friendly and courteous. They make visits like a trip to the spa.

LeRoy Fox:

I wanted to express my gratitude for all the help you gave me when I came to you. I’ve been having problems with my left leg/foot and was in a brace. I’ve been to several doctors and the last one had put me in a most uncomfortable and unstable leg brace. It was you who asked what type of follow-up I had with the podiatrist. After he put me in a brace, I realized he had never asked to see me after having Floyd Brace fit me. After seeing you, I no longer need the brace.

You and your staff were most conscience and helpful, often giving me tips on local vitamins and exercises that I could do at home. All this personalized service was a great help.

Christa Thompson:

Having a history of back problems, I have been to many chiropractors in my life. I was surprised when you told me that it would only take a few weeks to feel better. Here I sit two months later, and I rarely feel pain anymore. My weekly massages and adjustments have really done good things for my back and muscle aches. I thought this was going to be something I would live with for the rest of my life, but you and your staff took good care of me and now I feel great. I tell everyone about you, what good treatment you have, how friendly you all are and how comfortable you make me feel. I’m quite impressed at how knowledgeable and experienced you are. You have done a wonderful job. Thanks so much from every muscle and bone in my body.

Annette Henderson:

Since 1998 I have adjusted to life with three fused discs in my neck. It has something been an uncomfortable situation. Between January and April of 2005, I had three unrelated surgeries. In May of 2005 I was injured in an automobile accident. 

Please click here to read more.

Jolyn Branch:

The following is my response to your request for a few sentences on how I have benefited from your services, which I am happy to supply. I had suffered from lower back pain for almost a year before I first saw you. During that time I had been to several doctors, had physical therapy, and was finally sent to a pain management clinic where I had several rounds of various injections to try to improve the level of my pain. I became disillusioned and alarmed when after several treatments with injections; doctors at the clinic began talking about treatments to destroy nerves to try to eliminate the pain. Now, I certainly want to be as pain free as much as anyone, but I don’t want to destroy nerves or any other part of my body in the process.

I was referred to you by my hairdresser and friend, Bobbie Medlin, who told me that you had helped her with back pain during her pregnancy. I had never been to a chiropractor before, but decided to give it a try since nothing else had given much relief.

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Yulian Martinez:

Finally, I found someone who could help me get rid off the life-long pain in my neck and back. Thanks to Doctor Cooker my headaches disappeared just after a few weeks of treatment.

Brian Zaks:

What impresses me the most about Dr. Cooker and his staff is that they genuinely care. Every time I walk into his office I feel comfortable and confident that I am receiving the best therapy available. My quality of life has significantly improved since I started going to Keystone Chiropractic. Dr. Cooker has opened my eyes to a whole new world…I feel healthier, I have more energy, and I enjoy my life without constant pain!

Sondra Pfaehler:

I first went to Dr. Alex Cooker’s Keystone Chiropractic in October 2006 for a massage as part of a promotional package. This included a complete Chiropractic workup. At first I was reluctant to have this done as I was not a fan of chiropractics. After reassurance from Dr. Cooker that he would stop the adjustment if I didn’t like it, I agreed.

I had been diagnosed about three years ago with peripheral neuropathy. I was experiencing numbness especially in my feet at the time. I went to a foot doctor who prescribed a certain type of shoes. Later I went to neurologist who diagnosed my condition and put me on medications and sent me to a doctor for pain management. I later experienced the numbness in my fingers also.

After 2 or 3 adjustments with Dr. Cooker, I am experiencing very little numbness in me extremities. When I do, I let Dr. Cooker know and he takes care of the problem.

One of my biggest complaints was not being able to be comfortable in most of the shoes I wore. I now have the freedom of more of a variety of shoes.

The services of Dr. Cooker and his staff have taken away most of the discomfort of the neuropathy.

I would recommend that anyone with bodily discomfort try Dr. Cooker’s treatment and hopefully have the satisfaction I have.

Roz Millard

I was experiencing very sharp aches and pains deep in the muscles across my shoulders and in the back of my neck for two weeks following the accident. After the x-rays at the emergency room, I was released with prescriptions and ibuprofens and a muscle relaxer. I only saw the Doctors at the emergency room before I came to see you, Dr. Cooker. My injuries just placed a damper on my entire existence and was getting progressively worse all the time. The treatments received at Keystone Chiropractic definetly targeted the problem areas and thoroughly reversed that condition that I was in. I honestly feel better than before and many other problems are all gone away. 

I readily received your treatments because (1) you did a full analysis using x-ray and physical examinations (2) you informed me of what was going on in my body and told me what the long term results would be as well we how it could be reversed. I expecially liked the visual aids using comparisons. It’s had a lasting effect on me. (3) You helped me relax and informed me as you applied treatments. I was being educated while returning to good health and that is a wonderful feeling. 

People that experience whiplash should utilize your services not only because of injuries which makes us feel and look bad but because chiropractic care really truly makes you feel wonderful. It’s prompted me to take even better care of myself.

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