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This accident compromised another disc. I was experiencing a limited range of movement in my neck, had troubling sleeping and had a constant tingling in my right arm/hand. I have been seeing my primary care physician and a neurosurgeon to prepare for eventual surgery.

I was offered medication to help keep me comfortable and give me time to prepare mentally for another surgery. There was a gentleman that stopped by the office selling a promotional brochure for chiropractic evaluation and massage therapy. I purchased the package mainly for the massages. Dr. Cooker met with me and convinced me to let him do x-rays and evaluate the possibilities of a more comfortable option for me until I decide that I am ready for another surgery. I was skeptical about the benefits of chiropractic care in my condition, but I had the x-rays done and let Dr. Cooker tell me what he thought. I decided to go ahead and give the procedure a try. What did I have to lose?

Since I have been seeing Dr. Cooker I have experienced a greater range of movement in my neck and I can sleep comfortably. The staff at Dr. Cooker’s office is exceptional. The massages and the massage chairs are a special treat. I am so glad I came to see Dr. Cooker for treatment. I thought there was no other option for me except medication or surgery. I feel so much better and can function so much more efficiently day to day thanks to Dr. Cooker and his care. Everyone should give chiropractic care especially Dr. Cooker a chance. It could change your life!!


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